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Repeat Pattern

The first pattern shows the colors of blue, blue green, and neutrals. This picture came from wallpaper that was used in the 1950’s.

The second pattern shows the colors of yellow, orange, red, yellow-orange, and yellow-green. This is also a picture of wallpaper used in the 1930’s.

The third pattern is of a crochet that was sewed by a woman named Margaret Brusworth in 1940. The colors shown are red, blue, and white.

The fourth pattern is also of a crochet also sewed by Margaret Brusworth, 1942. The colors shown are red, red-orange, yellow-orange, and white.

For the color schemes for each historical pattern, my color aid was lacking many of the colors, so therefore I just found the color on the internet and posted it to show the different colors incorporated throughout each design.

The sketches shown above are my module sketches and my repeat pattern options. I also have shown my two color sketches. I was trying to see what colors looked the best with certain saturations.

I really liked the final project, and I can say with great confidence that I learned alot. I never knew changing the saturations on colors could make such a difference in a pattern. I wasn’t able to post the pictures of my final project, however, because my camera wasn’t working by the time they were complete. I’m hoping to have them posted when I pick up the assignment.


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