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Ralph Lauren, Nike, and Bare Essentials

For the brand campaign excersise, I chose to do the companies Nike, Ralph Lauren, and Bare Essentials. Bare Essentials incorpates many analogous color schemes throughout their campaign, using many colors such as yellows, oranges, and browns. They also use very saturated colors as well. For Ralph Lauren, they use many different color schemes. I found a few that incorporated the triad scheme as well, which included red, yellow, and blue. For Nike, there wasn’t a whole lot of colors used. Most of the colors were very dark and saturated, which included all different shades of black, grey, and blue. Nike portrayed a very athletic and energic feel, bare essentials displayed a more calming feel because of the colors used, and Ralph Lauren displayed a more vibrant and fun look because of their bright colors used.

For this problem, I decided to pick the brand Nike. I chose this brand for many reasons, but the main reason was how interesting I thought their logo was. I knew i would be able to make the logo look very interesting in the project. I learned many things from the campaign as well. Throughout the majority of the Nike campaigns, I noticed they used the logo many times throughout their advertisements. This influenced my decision on how to create my own project. Similar to the campaigns, I used the logo many times throughout the project as well. Because of the repetition of the logo, the design was very interesting and mesmerizing. I thoroughly  enjoyed this project, I was truly able to be as creative as I wanted, and I loved creating the final piece.


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