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Achromatic Scale


After completing this assignment, I realized creating this value scale was much more difficult then I had ever suspected. I didn’t realize the time commitment that was involved in creating this piece, and I came to realize some of my strengths and weaknesses while creating this. One of my strenghs, I believed, was that I did a good job painting a variety of colors in the beginning of the project. Because of this, I was able to choose more easily the colors that would be incorporated in the scale.

Throughout the project, I realized I had many weaknesses as well. I had a very hard time cutting each rectangle in order to be perfectly alligned with the remaining swatches. Because of this, gaps were left in between individual swatches.

After placing the gray strip down the center of my value scale, I wasn’t able to see the illusion that well. As I backed farther and farther away from the value scale, I was finally able to see the illusion. I loved how the strip made each individual color stand out.


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