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June 10, 2010

Final Reflection Questions

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Throughout this past quarter, I have truly learned what the real meaning is behind the words hue, value, and saturation. At the first class meeting, I thought they were just words, and never thought much about them. But conducting the numerous problems we have throughout the past ten weeks, not only do I know what these three words mean, but now I can say with complete confidence that I can create projects demonstrating each one of these three words. For example, during the color wheel project, I truly found out what the word hue meant. I learned that hue is a colors purest form, and I was able to show this throughout my color wheel. A colors hue means there are no other colors blended with that color to create a different tint or shade. Creating the color wheel, I was able to compare the hue of a specific color  to the other shade of that color. For example, I was able to see yellow, its purest hue, and then see what yellow looks like when it is combined with orange or green. 

I was able to understand what saturation meant while conducting certain projects as well. For the final project, I was trully able to use color and show different saturations. The word saturation means that a color can either have a very high saturation, meaning a bright color, or a very low saturation, meaning dark colors, or hues. In the final project, we were assigned to choose certain colors, and then take those colors and create both high and low saturations for each. I found this extremely interesting, and I was able to clearly see the different saturations. It was very intriguing that the smallest change of saturation to a color can make such a dramatic difference in a pattern. It can take one pattern, and turn it into something completely different.

The problem that taught me the most about value was definitely the ten line project. Value means how light or dark a shade of a color is. For this problem, we were assigned to take diffent values, and convert them into the same value using the colors red and green. It was much more difficult then I ever thought it would be. I never knew how much thought and concentration it entailed to match up values so perfectly. I definitely learned alot artistically when used values, and I know this will help me in future art classes.

The problem that I learned the most from was definitely the final project. I never knew how difficult it would be to create such different saturations with color. I found it very interesting that we made patterns that were inspired by historic patterns as well. I found this problem very complex  and difficult, but I learned a tremedous amount from it as well.

The problem that I felt I liked the most was probably the transparancy project. Out of all of the problems that were conducted throughout the quarter, I definitely found this one the most interesting and fun. Never in my life have I ever tried to create the look of transparancy, and I trully learned alot when doing it during this project. It was alot of work, trying to get each shade exactly right, but in the end, the project was extremely interesting. I never thought it would look as real as it did, and I was very happy with the outcome of the project.


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