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April 1, 2010

Questions Due: Thursday

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The first question that I was assigned to answer asked me what I hoped to learn from this particular class. After giving much thought into this question, I came to realize that there are numerous things I hope to learn. One particular thing is how to design color wheels, and how to differentiate between certain shades of colors. I would love to learn what the outcomes are of mixing certain colors as well. My initial hopes and expectations for this class is that I am given the opportunity to work with  a large assortment of colors, and also to know which certain colors can be combined in order to create a completely different color. I also hope to work with different types of creative tools, such as paints and charcoals as well.
The second question assigned for homework asked me how I read the image that displayed a portrait of Goethe drawn by Andy Warhol. After observing the portrait for quite some time, I had quite a lot of thoughts concerning the image. The use of multiple different colors shows me that the artist was a pop artist and was extremely creative. The color wheel shows six different shades of colors, and instead of just using these specific shades, the images are drawn in “hyper-colors.” I find this extremely interesting because it gives the portraits  a different and unique look. I also liked that each image combined many bright colors that I normally would think wouldn’t work well together. It shows me that any colors and combine with each other and create a beautiful piece of artwork. I believe Andy Warhol is trying to show his viewers many things about his illustration of Goethe. By using the hyper color in different combinations, Warhol is trying to show that Goethe had many different sides to him, and that he was a very complex and interesting person.


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